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Overseas Candidates

Right to Work in the UK

Before travelling it is important that you ensure that you have all the correct work permits. To help you understand the regulations better you may wish to visit Home Office.


The most popular map of London is the A-Z Series, visit You may also wish to search online for a specific location or route by trying Steet Map.

Transport In London

The London transport link is very good and you will find London Underground Maps printed in most maps and diaries. The Tube, Bus, and Train maps can also be obtained free from most stations or on the web by visiting TFL


Uniforms are reasonably priced in the UK and it is best to purchase a local style, so that you do not stand out in the Surgery. We are able to supply these so please enquire when you apply for your position.

Bank Account

It is essential that you have a Bank or Building Society Account while in the U. K. Due to anti laundering measures banks sometimes make it difficult to open an account, so it is a good idea to obtain a letter of introduction from your home Bank and the name of its corresponding Bank in the U. K.


It is essential that you are in good health as it can be very difficult if you are regularly ill while away from home. It is also essential that you are immunised fully with all the certification.